Thanksgiving 101

Not my image. Taken courtesy of @auntberthaskitchen on Instagram!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I know I’m not the only one that doesn’t appreciate how people skip right from Halloween to Christmas. When I was younger, Christmas was my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving has slowly but surely taken the top spot. There’s nothing quite like the family gathering for a huge holiday meal and quality time. 

This is my first year making the huge meal and I will be celebrating with my friends on Thanksgiving Eve since I spend the actual day with my family. In much anticipation, I have made a serious game plan to make sure the day of goes as smooth as possible by building a shopping list, a schedule in the weeks leading up and everything else. 

  • Things you can do this week or next week:
  1. Start getting your menu and shopping lists together. Plan what you want to make on one list and what other people are making to bring on another.
  2. Also make 2 separate shopping lists. You can buy a majority of things you need today! Non perishable items like canned cranberries or fried onions for a casserole can be bought and stored until the big day. Paper plates and cups can also be bought.Remember that popular items go fast!
  3. Order a turkey! Or buy your turkey and freeze it.
  • Things to do a few days before (2-4 days before)
  1. Pick up the turkey if you ordered. 
  2. Get your table setting together. Double check you have enough silverware, plates and cups. If you are disposable dishes, go for it! Easy clean up and I’m sure family won’t care.
  3. Buy booze! Guests should bring their preference of adult beverages but make sure you grab yourself a bottle of wine and anything else you’d like to provide. Liquor store are nuts the day before!
  • 1 day before…
  1. Set your table. This should be easy once you have gathered your silverware and table settings.
  2. Put water or wine glasses upside down to avoid any dust gathering over night.
  3. Make sauces like gravy the day before. They reheat perfectly. Also make sauces for any of the dishes.
  4. Clean and trim all of your fruits or veggies. This will eliminate so much time and mess the day of!
  5. Defrost turkey if frozen. You can season or brine over night for extra flavor.
  6. Make any special beverages that you may be serving. Skip the ice until the day of.
  7. Bake pies or desserts! They’re always good the next day.
  1. Cook all of your veggies.
  2. Prepare your turkey early. It always needs at least an hour to settle before cutting.
  3. Prepare salads and keep in fridge.
  4. Make gravy if you are doing it from scratch one the turkey is cooling.
  5. Reheat soups and sauces. 
  6. And last but not least, grab yourself a glass of wine, play some music and enjoy cooking! 

Additional Tips:

  • No scented candles! You worked way too hard on all your yummy food for scented candles to cover it up.
  • Make all center pieces on your table low so no one is Stretching their neck to see one another.
  • Allow people to bring things! Don’t try to tackle everything by yourself. 

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