Emeril Fish House

Deciding where I should eat dinner on my birthday is the hardest decision of every new year. I love sticking to my favorite places but since my birthday is only once a year I try to make it something new and fresh. Luckily for me the Emeril Fish House opened right here at home in the Sands Casino. I have tried all of Emeril’s spots in the casino including his steak house, burger joint which is my FAV, and his Italian kitchen which has now become the fish house. 

The inside of the restaurant is the same as the prior Italian Kitchen. Sleek yet rustic with modern fixtures and comfortable seating. The menu includes the obvious seafood entrees but doesn’t stop there with steak and pasta dishes. I wouldn’t say it is completely upscale, but definitely not a jean and tshirt kind of place. There’s nothing I love more than getting dressed and enjoying a nice meal and some wine. There’s plenty to do outside of the restaurant with the casino and shopping areas. Key note, make a reservation. Especially on the weekends because it gets packed. Any who, my boyfriend took me here for my 24th birthday this year and we were not disappointed. I never thought I’d meet someone that loved trying new food as much as I did until I met him. We’re constantly looking for new places to chow and since the fish house opened 2 weeks before my birthday it seemed perfect.

Crispy Point Judith Calamari $13

Here we have this beauty of an appetizer. The thought of calamari used to make me cringe and now I couldn’t get enough. I think we’ve all had at least one batch of repulsive calamari that was super chewy and just downright awful. This dish was so perfectly cooked and flavored it was unreal. The name on the menu is Point Juidth Calamari. Of course I had to find out why. Turns out Point Judith is located in Rhode Island and has become internationally known for their top grade squid so it’s only right Emeril bought it to his restaurant. The squid was crispy and golden and lightly tossed in a lemoncello butter sauce with chopped sweet basil, jalapeños, chilis and topped with Parmesan. What DOESN’T sound right about that? 

Other appetizer options include Prince Edward Island Mussels which is one of my absolute favorites. If you ever see P.E.I Mussels on a menu, you know that’s where they come from. I learned this at one of the fancier seafood spots I went to in New York and ever since they I stick with those. Fish tacos, crispy beef tenderloins, New Orleans BBQ shrimp, grilled octopus and steamed clams are all included in the appetizer selection as well.

Miso Glazed Sea Scallops $30

My boyfriend has a boring steak entree AT A SEAFOOD restaurant  so I didn’t bother taking a picture of it. I had to try something I never had before. I love anything from the sea but shrimp and scallops are by far my favorite. There was no shrimp entree so my decision was loud and clear. This miso glazed sea scallop entree was to die for. I was not expecting an Asian dish considering Emeril’s Creole influence in almost all of his food but I was certainly not disappointed. The scallops couldn’t have been cooked any more perfect. The fried rice was full of soy flavor with finely diced veggies. And if you’ve read my Bok Choy blog post than you know how much I love it with all my heart and soul. It was the perfect birthday dish! 

Here’s a complete list of all the entrees and pricing! I would recommend this place for sure.


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