Last night I wrapped up my review on Damascus, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Allentown. Before the review is published next week, I wanted to share the basis of my trip. I absolutely, positively adore and love Middle Eastern food and all their unique spices and flavors. While every culture has their own taste, there’s just something about Middle Eastern food that sets it apart from the rest. Everything is always homemade with fresh ingredients that can be seen and tasted. On a recent Tuesday visit, my cravings were all satisfied.

For starters, we had yuuuuuuummy hummus. I have never made hummus (shocker) cause I either have a friend’s momma making it or I do what everyone else does and buy it at the store. So, I always enjoy a good hummus form scratch no matter what. We also had fried cauliflower which I personally love! It’s such a simple concept but the tangy tahini sauce is seriously to die for. I am experimenting this week and trying to make fried cauliflower with my own tahini sauce so stay tuned for that one.

    My yummy fatoush salad was vinegar heavy, but so crispy and delish. All of the flavors were amazing. Citrus, crispy lettuce and garlic pita chips, tomatoes and sliced radish. The dressing makes the whole entire dish 


After our starters, my friend Phil had a chicken shawarma pita wrap. I chose the garlic shrimp kabob which was a little in the skimpy side for someone who has no chill with food like me, but still seriously good.



All of the details will be in next week’s newspaper under the Entertainment/Dining Section. Enjoy and tag me if you go eat there!!!! I wanna see what you are eating.


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