Basic Cooking Techniques 

Two for one today.  There’s a certain set of rules and techniques that every cook should know. You don’t have to know everything, but you certainly have to know basics like frying an egg, making a sustainable amount of quality stock, how to make a basic dough. I watched endless hours of the Food Network and years of my momma and grandmothers cooking so I picked up the basics naturally but there’s always room to learn and get better. One you have the basics, everything else becomes skill and finesse. Bon Appetit is one of my favorite magazines that I actually subscribe to monthly and they always have awesome food hacks and recipes in their issues. It’s the digital age so of course people rather read it on their phone or computer but I still enjoy a good hard copy of a magazine. Going on right now, the magazine is ONLY 12$ for an entire YEAR subscription!! That’s bonkers. 1$ a month to get new recipes and read food stories from around the world sounds like a good deal to me. I highly recommend the magazine to anyone that’s interested in cooking or trying to step outside the box and make new things. 

For now, enjoy the hacks.

Basic Cooking Techniques


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