Bubba’s Potbelly Stove

When I hear Quakertown, I automatically think horse and buggy. Although it is only 30 minutes from where I live, I have this preconceived notion that there is nowhere to eat new and exciting food. Proving me wrong last week was Bubba’s Potbelly Stove right off of 309. The unfussy restaurant has been there nearly 30 years and the timeless feel sticks out. In today’s Morning Call newspaper is the official restaurant review for Bubba’s but I wanted to show you all exactly what I ate since words don’t do it much justice. 

Here’s a link for the official review in today’s paper.

Bubba’s Restaurant Review
First, we started with these little angels. Crab stuffed cremini mushrooms for just $8.95. 6 mushroom topped with crab cake like stuffing. The mushrooms had a nice little bite and were not mooshy like most stuffed ones. The crab cake mixture was divine. Light and fluffy but more crab than filler. The best part of the meal by far.
My friend Chunk joined me on this adventure. Bubba’s is famous for its wings, burgers, and ribs so it’s only right we ordered at least one. This is the “Pennsylvania Dutch” burger. The patty was topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and crispy bacon. So juicy and so yummy. Served alongside were steak fries.

I chose an entree to experience a full meal at the place. Served with bread and house salad, I ordered the Rosemary chicken. The chicken was served whole with all the limbs intact which was a tad bit annoying, but yummy nonetheless. The red skin mashed potatoes were average, nothing crazy but yummy. Steamed veggie medley of carrots, red peppers and zucchini were served with the chicken as well.


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