Restaurant Review

I’ll probably never get used to seeing my name in the paper. It’s still so surreal to me that I have the opportunity to share my love for food and the Valley with all the readers. So many people have told me they only buy the newspaper on a Wednesday to catch my review and that means the world to me. Last week I visited Clove on the east side of Allentown. This location meant a lot to me because it’s just blocks from where I grew up and I’ve had the opportunity to watch the restaurant transform over the years from an Italian restaurant, to an Afghan kabob & pizzaeria (unheard of combo), to a fine Indian cuisine restaurant. In the Morning Call every Wednesday my reviews are out with a lot more detail than I share on here. Here’s a link to the review! Hope anyone that loves Indian food makes the trip.

CLOVE – Restaurant Review by Tatiana Moreno 



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