Today’s Yumminess 

So not even 8 hours ago I posted something about Betthlehem Restaurant Week. All the talk about food forced me to take an extended lunch and stop by the place I had my eye on, Yianni’s Taverna. The Greek restaurant serves up Mediterranean dishes with lots of lamb, dill, feta and olives. I visited once a longgggg time ago on a date and really enjoyed the food just never thought about going back until today.

The 2 course lunch menu was running for $12 which I think is an absolute steal. I ordered grilled salmon which was perfectly cooked and not over done like most salmon. A bed of veggies. Typical yogurt based Greek sauce, warm pita and a mix of roasted veggies with a little oil and dill.  

Yianni’s Taverna <— check it out! 


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