This week’s restaurant visit was right down the street from where I grew up. I have saw the restaurant transform itself from Carmine Italian Restaurant where two slices and a soda was only $2 into a sophisticated and traditional Indian restaurant. Clove serves authentic and fine Indian cuisine in a very heritage heavy atmopshere. The service was extremely friendly and welcoming and the menu had somrthing for everyone wether you like lamb, goat, chicken or seafood. Next Wednesday, March 9th my official restaurant review will be out in the Morning Call newspaper or on the Morning Call app under the entertainment section. 

Here’s a little mouth watering preview of what I had to enjoy.

We started off with an onion chutney and mint dipping sauce with thinly fried dough chips (almost like tortilla chips). The onion chutneys was full of spice and flavor and a nice crunchy bite with all the fresh diced onions. The mint dipping sauce was a bit much for my liking. I am not a fan of mint to begin with so I did not care too much for it but both sauces together balanced each other out and made a refreshing and spicy bite.

The menu had a lot of goat and lamb which did not surprise me, but I chose to try the shrimp curry. My mother and grandmother have been making curry since I first started eating table food so I always enjoy a nice curry. The shrimp was juicy and big with a nice bite. I ordered my sauce medium and was not disappointed. It was the right amount of heat and I enjoyed without having to chug water every 2 seconds. The chopped cilantro gave it a light and slightly zesty undertone that was appreciated because I could eat cilantro by the bundle. Growing up, I always had curry with roti or naan for dipping so I did not mess up my own personal little tradition, and ordered the garlic naan. It’s basically a flat bread with minced garlic and light cilantro, pan fried until fluffy and served. Naan always soaks the curry juices right up. Of course on the side we received traditional basmati rice (which is my fav) with green peas. All in all, the food was amazing and comparable to my grandmothers. 

Topping off dinner was this little gem. It is often referred to as “Indain Ice cream”.. Called “kulfi” the frozen mango and milk concoction was somewhat like a little pie of frozen gelato topped with cherry. You may be asking what those little dark specks are, don’t worry I did too. Those are finely chopped pieces of pistachio which weren’t evident enough to add texture, but I could certainly taste the nuttiness. I have never tried the dessert prior but I can add it to my list of all things I love.

Here’s what a traditional “kulfi” looks like, just in case you were wondering. Pretty similar. 



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